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To love and respect others fosters lasting relationships ... 

it is very important in any situation to understand that what we give comes back to us.  Our relationships become a reflection of who we are, what we want and continue to enrich our connections.  

I have been married for 43 years and bring much to the understanding of what it takes to "dance" with a partner for a long period of time.  The important ebb and flow of individual growth and support needed to become a "team" that designs a life together.  Within this marriage, three beautiful, independent daughters have been raised.  Each one given the respect, dignity and empowerment to flourish into the individuals they were meant to become.  Therefore years of skills required to become a respectful partner, friend and parent have provided years of valuable insight, research and study. 

In 2002, I "designed" a mentoring program called "iMPACT", which the acronym means: 

Individuals, Making Possible A Change Together.  This program continues to this day and has helped promote the understanding and philosophy that each individual plays a role everyday in the effect they have while interacting with others.  The understanding of respect, choice and consequences emphasized in this program is paramount to building self-esteem and promoting healthy relationships among all people.

My experience presents years of life skills certain to uplift and offer guidelines and assistance to foster positive relationships.

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