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Wellness By The Sea

Wellness By The Sea

Wellness By the Sea is a Holistic Approach designed to enhance the Well-Being of your life...
All services promote, Independence, Inner Peace and Clarity.                                                

 Individual Services
    ~   Life Design Consultations    

*One on One Sessions with Sandy     

    ~   Life Coaching Sessions                          

 *Individual, Relationship/Marriage, Teens/Children

    ~   Reiki Healing Treatment    
    ~   Amethyst BioMat Therapy       
    ~   Energetic Card Readings        

Introductory Wellness Package                                                                                          
Provides you with the opportunity to experience all the services.

For $295  ~  You will schedule one of each as your schedule and needs require.  Thus, providing the best and most effective approach to meeting your personal goals.

Disclaimer:  All services offered are not intended to replace any medical practice; but to enhance the experience of well-being.  







Description of Services  

Life Design Consultations / Life Coaching Sessions
Life by Design...assists in your personal blueprint we call daily life.
Together we work to enhance the quality of your life, by providing insight and skills to promote a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. 
This work encourages positive long-term results and a forward thinking attitude of success in all aspects of your life...
(Relationships/Mariage, Financial, Career, Stress Reduction, Clarity, Goals, Parenting, Teens)

Reiki Massage Treatment
Is an energetic "laying on of hands" treatment, where the "life force energy" flows to relax and repair your natural healing processes. Energy centers (chakras) are opened and allow this Universal Energy to flow where needed. This type of treatment creates relaxation, feelings of peace, stress reduction  and a boost to improve overall quality of Well-Being...

Amethyst BioMat Therapy
The use of raising body temperature for therapeutic purposes dates back 2400 years.  Amethyst  is one of the oldest healing properties, a natural healing crystal, dating back to the ancient Greeks.   A " healing stone".
With thermo-electrotherapeutic heat therapy, far infrared rays, penetrate 6 inches into the body. Heating the body from the inside out...strengthening your immune system, eliminating toxins, soothing nerves, reaching beyond the muscles, to all cells, blood vessels, lymph glands, nerves. and knotted muscles, releasing tension and stress.  Promoting rejuvenation, relaxation and repair.

Energetic Card Readings
Spiritual Guidance and understanding is given when connecting with the "Universal Energy".
    -  3  Card Layout     Past/Present/Future
    -  7  Card Layout     Celtic Cross - Spiritual Guidance
    - 10 Card Layout    Life Design Guidance



    "Love the life you the life you love!"

                     - Bob Marley -  (1945-1981)



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